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Azul Morocco 
Yoga, Retreats, & Tours

>>> Explore the Magic of Morocco <<<
 >>> Connect with Your Tribe <<<
>>> Dive Into a Deeper Knowledge of YourSelf <<<  
 We Specialize in:
Private, Build-Your-Own Retreat Packages 

Carefully Crafted Yoga Adventure Retreats
Desert Yoga Moon Ritual Retreats

Have you dreamed of a Moroccan Holiday, to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of this exotic and mysterious land? 

Do you long to watch the sun set and rise over the ancient sands of the Sahara Desert dunes?

Are fresh, locally sourced, authentically spiced and prepared traditional foods something that make your mouth water?

Does the thought of sitting fireside listening to Desert Blues and African drumming make your heart swell?  

 All this, and much, much more are waiting for you in Morocco!


~We are here to help you plan your perfect Moroccan Retreat Adventure~

Choose from one of our lovingly curated Yoga Retreats

OR create your own unique Retreat - you pick the dates, length, and party size - we will handle the rest! 

Not An Ordinary Holiday

Hands Together

Join us in self-exploration through adventure while building your yoga practice, yoga community, and a deeper connection to yourSelf. We aim to help you live the truth of your radiant soul by living fully in your body in the present moment. 

Set in the exotic land of Morocco, enjoy the benefits of a retreat with twice daily yoga, mindfulness/meditation practices, while enjoying luscious accommodations, and delicious local cuisines as we take you across Morocco's diverse landscape to see, hear, smell, and taste the best Morocco has to offer. 

Are you a Teacher, Studio, or Practitioner looking to offer a Destination Retreat to your students and clients? Do you want to offer a unique experience to foster community and deepen connections within your students and clients while providing them with culture and excitement in a nonnative setting? 

Then let's talk! We are equipped to organized all your needs. We can set up accommodations, transportation, actives, and everything in-between based on the needs of your group, time of year, desired location, and length of retreat!  

Come Explore Magical Morocco

The North African Kingdom of Morocco is home to 35 million people. Set a mer 13 km from Europe, Morocco is the sole African country to be bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The official languages of Morocco are Berber-of which there are several dialects and Arabic, however French and Spanish are also widely spoken. Berbers, also known as Amazigh or Free People/Nobel Man, are the native people of North Africa, their culture, language, and crafts still thrive in Morocco despite the many past invasions and a heavy Arabic influence.  The Moroccan currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). Morocco is home to a wide array of diverse landscapes including the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains. Morocco is a Muslim country with an undenable Islamic presence.   


About Azul Morocco Yoga

Hi, my name is Kerri. It is my goal to provide comfortable and familiar space in unfamiliar environment which encourages exploration, adventure, and fun while building self-love through connecting with the present moment in breath-taking landscapes, expanding your community, and deepening your yoga practice. 

I am a 200RYT teaching Hatha Flow and Restorative styles. In my teachings I utilize energy techniques to help balance the body's meridians for optimal health and use repetitive rhythmic movements to help my students solidify their own daily practice. My classes are designed for beginners with all levels welcome.  

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